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The SACHHO was created to address a common problem - a safer, cleaner, portable & convenient way to charge cell phones most anywhere. Cell phones are here to stay and are a part of life. They have replaced several ways of life's tasks; Dictionaries, Calendars, Analog Clocks, Phone Books, Ad​dress Books and the list goes on! Because cell phones are an important part of life, they should be charged with care to keep them working properly in the future. 

 There's nothing more frustrating than a damaged cell phone with blocked or lost contacts, photos, memos, appointments, etc.

No more finding, "A Safe Resting Place" when charging it most anywhere, remove the possibility of damage from getting stepped on, knocked off the table, tripping on the cord, spilled liquids, laying on a dirty floor & keeping the battery at the correct temperature .

What's the answer to these problems,The SACHHO! 


 to provide every cell phone user a safer, cleaner way to charge their cell phones most anywhere and avoid the problems we've had while charging our own phones! 

We can all relate to a damaged cell phone from unstable charging,

it is truly a headache and frustrating.

Now this same great protection is available for your Tablet too!


PATENT   #10945345

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